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Professional Support for PE & Outdoor Learning

Bespoke development, support and guidance on all aspects of Physical Education and Outdoor Learning for schools, teachers and teachers in training

Physical Education is a core component of the primary school curriculum. The primary years are perhaps the most significant period for motor development in children, a time during which basic movement competencies are developed and which offers the first opportunity for embedding physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Physical Education Hub recognises the importance of PE in the primary curriculum and the key issues facing primary teachers today, such as inclusion, training needs and the development of creativity.

Professional Vocational Certificate

Primary School Specialism and leadership for Physical Education

What is this qualification?

A NEW bespoke physical education and school sport qualification for primary school teachers developed by the Association for Physical Education (afPE) and Sports Leaders UK.


This qualification will be an effective use of some of the physical education and school sport premium funding. By upskilling primary teachers it will ensure a sustainable legacy which will impact on children and young people.

Who is the Qualification for?

Primary school teachers and higher level teaching assistants will be able to undertake the qualification.

Stage 1 is open to teachers and teaching assistants to assist in raising standards within primary school physical education.

Stage 2 will allow primary school teachers to become physical education and primary school sport specialists.

Physical Education in Primary Schools

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