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British Gymnastics Teachers Trampolining Award (Pts1 & 2 combined)


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The Trampolining for Teachers award enables you to teach trampolining skills unsupervised within the school curriculum. This course is accredited by BG and only open to trainee & qualified PE trained teachers.

Part One qualifies teachers to handle trampolines safely, and to teach basic skills up to, but excluding, somersaults. Part Two includes more complex skills, notably various forms of somersaults, and covers the top bands of GCSE work.



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These courses and workshops are sport specific and are in partnership with the relevant National Governing Bodies. They are largely aimed at School teachers and trainee PE teachers and do have a certificate of attendance awarded by the NGB and The PE Hub.

British Gymnastics

Teachers'  Awards

England Badminton

‘BISI Badminton Secondary Teachers Award Course




Staff in PE Hub Member schools and Students pay the lower concessionary price



Date: January 24 2016

Venue: Alexander Sports Centre, University of Bedfordshire

Times: 10am - 1 pm

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British Gymnastics Intermediate Teachers Award (secondary)

£150.00     £125.00    £125.00   £120.00

16 places Max


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Course Full!!!

Course aims

The course aims to develop the candidates’ depth of knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of gymnastics, giving technical information and confidence in delivery.

Previous candidates of the course have gone on to develop gymnastics in their schools, both in lesson time and as an extra-curricular activity.

Course content

The course is a 2 day modular course. . During the course you will complete the following modules:

 Body management                          Basic floor skills (Part 1)

 Basic floor skills (Part 2)                 Flight (including rebound)

 Acrobatic or partnership work        Rhythmic Gymnastics

 Aerobic Gymnastics

Exam and qualification

A certificate of attendance will be issued to candidates who successfully complete each of the modules, and could be used as evidence of your ability to set up and/or run an after school gymnastics club in a safe and fun environment.

Dates: Sat 13 Feb 2016 & Sat 12 March 2016

Venue: University of Bedfordshire, Polhill Campus

Times: 9.30am - 3.30pm

Course Learning Outcomes -

by the end of the course, participants will be able to:

- Organise and deliver activities using the Bisi Badminton Secondary resources

- Describe how the Bisi resources are underpinned by a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model

- Describe the format of the resources use them to support the delivery of Bisi activities within schools

- Use the Bisi resources to support GCSE/BTEC

Each participant will be given a full England Badminton Secondary Teacher’s resource pack (worth £46)

The Secondary Resource contains:

- Handbook

- Manual - Details of movement, sending & receiving, Laws & Scoring

- Key Stage 3 & 4 Lesson Frameworks

- Shot Analysis Cards - details of shot definition, key coaching points, common faults

- Tactical Cards - Tactical challenges & questions

- GCSE & BTEC Resource Cards - details of technical, tactical, physical, lifestyle, roles in badminton and psychology

ASA National Curriculum Training Programme

The National Curriculum Training Programme course provides the qualification ‘The Certificate for Teaching School Swimming (Key stages 1 and 2).

The National Curriculum Training Programme is open to any person working within a school swimming programme. This could be as a school teacher, classroom assistant, learning support staff, nursery nurse, qualified swimming teacher, parent, or other helper. In addition students involved in initial teacher training may also attend.

To improve the outcomes of school swimming it is essential to provide high quality school swimming lessons. In order to achieve this it is important to ensure that teachers/assistants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to deliver high quality PE to young people and the NCTP has been developed to deliver this to swimming teachers/assistants.

What you will learn

By the end of the course the learner will have knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

Module 1:

Element 1 - Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships

Element 2 - Health and Safety in the Aquatic Environment

Element 3 - Safeguarding and protecting children

Element 4 - Organisation of the learning environment

Element 5 - Swimming and water safety in the National Curriculum

ASA NCTP - Module 1 course

Date: tbc

Venue: St Johns School, Kempston, Bedford

Time: 9am - 3pm



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(UOB students only)

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Staff in PE Hub Member schools and Students pay the lower concessionary price

England Athletics Certificate in Teaching Primary Schools Athletics

The Primary course is based on the NEW Teaching Primary Schools Athletics resource and demonstrates teaching progression across Primary School age groups in both generic and athletics specific running, jumping and throwing activities.

The course is mainly practical in nature

All Participants are given a copy of the Run, Jump, Throw resources

The Run, Jump, Throw resource has been designed to place running, jumping and throwing at the heart of school physical education and to support teachers in delivering athletics activities in an inclusive, exciting and engaging manner.

Run, Jump, Throw embraces a child’s natural desire to move. The resource focuses upon running, jumping and throwing, the building blocks of athletics, which in turn underpin nearly all other sports and physical activities.

England Athletics Certificate in Teaching Primary Schools Athletics

Date: tbc

Venue: Lincroft Middle School, Oakley, Bedford

Time: 12pm - 4pm






(UOB students only)

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Staff in PE Hub Member schools and Students pay the lower concessionary price

I wish to be invoiced Terms and Conditions

This course is certified by British Gymnastics and is only available to qualified specialist PE teachers, and trainees in their last two years of specialist training. This is a practical course and all teachers must come dressed appropriately.

A British Gymnastics Resource Pack and certified British Gymnastics Trampolining certificate will be provided.


          31 October, 01 November & 28 November, 29 November 2015 (9.00 am - 4pm)

Venue: Biddenham Upper School, Bedford


Staff in PE Hub Member schools and Students pay the lower concessionary price

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14 places Max

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Course Full !!!